Using mixed dye lots

Yarn is manufactured in batches, each batch being allocated its own unique dye lot number. Tone, and even texture, can vary slightly from batch to batch so its important to purchase plenty of yarn to complete your project.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing more yarn but unable to purchase from the same dye lot, there are a couple of things you can do to  minimize any difference that may come from using mixed batches.

Try using a new dye lot for any area on your project where the texture changes such as on ribbing around cuffs, collars, button bands, etc.  The change of texture will help disguise any difference.  
Another option is to work from two dye lots by knitting from two balls at the same time.  To use both balls, join in the new dye lot ball at the beginning of a row and work the row up and back.  Then work two rows with the original dye lot, then two rows from new dye lot and continue in this way working two rows from each batch.  The new dye lot should be much harder to spot when mixed in this way. 

Other tips to consider are adding a stripe/s in a contrast colour, this will break up the work and the new dye won't be so visible.  Perhaps adjust your pattern, for instance blankets can often be made a little smaller without a major impact or scarves too.  Garments can sometimes be altered to a short sleeve version rather than long sleeves. Maybe the body of the garment can be a little shorter yet still be perfectly wearable.

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