I can't login!

Here are a few suggestions to try.

Is your email address being auto filled? Try deleting it and typing it in manually.
Are your email address and password correct? It might sound obvious but check that you've entered your email address and password correctly. Passwords are case sensitive, so PASSWORD is different to Password.
Make sure you have an account. Receiving our email newsletter doesn't mean you have an account set up with us. Even if you've shopped with us before, you might have checked out as a "guest", so your details won't be stored. The easiest way to check is to try to create a new account... if you're able to do that, it means you didn't have one in the first place 😊
Not logged in for a while? We changed our website platform in late February 2019. If you had an account on our old platform, you'll need to reset your password before you can log in.
I'm not receiving a password reset email. First, check your junk or spam folders, as sometimes they can end up there. Still nothing? Make sure you actually have an account using the instructions in 2. above.

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